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Liquid Or Fluid Design


The term "liquid" implies that a Website should flow smoothly into whatever space it is given. If you use a high resolution monitor, this may mean that you need to resize your browser a little, which most people in that situation do. If you have a low resolution moitor, you will still see the information, it will just be a little more compact.

If you do Liquid Design right, you should be able to make your pages display on almost anything and still make sense to the user.

But it’s not just about making a page ‘flow’ with the browser window. The principle of Liquid Design goes hand in hand with the principles of accessibility.


  1. Throw away the need to have your pages look exactly the same on every device
  2. Be prepared to compromise your ideals
  3. Start thinking about accessibility issues as you design
  4. Hold your head high, you’re making the ‘net a better place!
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